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OBJECTIVE! Rangers 1-3 Liverpool (Nunez 66)

Carvalho makes a pass in the middle. Firmino, borderline Rangers D, cushions the ball with his heel into Nunez’s path, dropping down inside left. Nunez opens up his body and walks elegantly through McGregor and down the right. It’s a great finish and a great assist!

65 minutes: Not much is happening. Liverpool are preparing a triple sub.

63 mins: The referee stops play to kick off the five Liverpool subs warming up at the edge of the pitch. It seems that one or two had wandered away from the technical area.

61 mins: Jack’s replacement is finally ready. Enter Steven Davis. Meanwhile, Henderson falls, after taking a hit from Lundstram. It’s painful, but he gets up pretty quickly.

60 minutes: Elliott advances on the Rangers box in the lower right. He slips into Carvalho, who reaches the guideline but finds no teammate with his reduction. Liverpool come back, Elliott shooting straight at McGregor. Liverpool have been doing much better since the break.

58 mins: Jack limps sadly. There is still no one to take his place. Aye ready, you say? Yeah well. Rangers at ten for now.

57 mins: Jack goes down holding his left leg. He doesn’t look particularly happy. The physio performs the substitution hand jive. It’s his race.

OBJECTIVE! Rangers 1-2 Liverpool (Firmino 55)

Gomez channels his inner Alexander-Arnold, going down a right and curling low for Firmino, folding him around King and starting the second. Firmino is not missing from six yards and side feet down the left. It’s that simple ! What a pass from Gomez! Trent who?

What a pass from Joe Gomez as Firmino puts him away. Photography: Lee Smith/Action Images/Reuters

54 mins: Gomez hangs on from the right. Nunez, surging down the middle, tries to lob McGregor from 40 yards out. Nope! But it doesn’t matter, because…

53 mins: Firmino advances down the middle and rolls a pass into the inside left channel for Nunez, who reaches the edge of the box but tangles his feet. His shot is not good and easily blocked by Davies.

52 mins: Henderson, Carvalho and Nunez combine perfectly on the left, painting triangles at high speed. Nunez rushes into the box and wins a corner kick from Lundstram…although second viewing suggests it should have been a goal kick. Probably for the best, then, as Henderson continues to get some fresh air, and Fabinho awkwardly clicks offside to return possession to Rangers.

50 mins: Tavernier crosses on the right. Kent heads for Jack, who prepares to shoot from 12 yards, only for Van Dijk to clear the ball away from danger just in time. Nice game at all levels.

49 mins: Elliott is stopped in a hurry, just to the right of Rangers D. A free kick in a very dangerous position… but Tsimikas sends it miles above the bar. He has the good grace to look extremely embarrassed.

47 mins: A chance for Elliott and Gomez to replicate Brazil’s fourth goal in the 1970 World Cup final. Elliott’s pass to the right isn’t as well weighted as Pele’s though, and Gomez’s chance to become the Carlos Alberto of our days has disappeared.

46 mins: Some pantomime boos for Virgil van Dijk, formerly of Celtic Football Club. Of course there are.

Oh, boo.
Oh, boo. Photography: Lee Smith/Action Images/Reuters

Rangers start the second half. No change at halftime.

Half-time entertainment. BT has released footage of Rangers pundit and legend Ally McCoist celebrating Scott Arfield’s first game. Can you imagine the heckling? Double it. “I really enjoyed it,” begins his low-key take, as the clip shows him screaming at the top of his lungs and jumping all over Rio Ferdinand like a three-pack toddler in a Haribo bender. “It was about ten years of traveling to Berwick and going to Peterhead and everything, and now we’re scoring against Liverpool in the Champions League!” It doesn’t matter who you support; it’s extremely hard not to love Super Ally.

Halftime announcement. Register now! Register now! Register now? Register now!

HALF-TIME: Rangers 1-1 Liverpool

Rangers scored their first Champions League goal this season and could have scored one or two more against uncertain opposition. This score does not flatter them at all.

Liverpool failed to hold their own in the first half in Glasgow.
Liverpool failed to hold their own in the first half in Glasgow. Photography: Lee Smith/Action Images/Reuters

45 mins +2: King, cold in the game, offers possession to Carvalho, who should release Nunez on the left, but plays a weak pass. Nunez is forced to check his run, then comes out for a goal kick looking to find Elliott with a diagonal pass. It was a real chance for Liverpool.

45 mins +1: The first of three extra minutes in the first half ended with McGregor claiming a harmless cross from the Tsimikas left wing.

45 mins: Goldson holds his head in his hands as he hobbles. He clearly doesn’t want to leave the big game with Rangers playing so well. But he can’t go on. Leon King arrives in his place. “Thank you for making my evening, Scott.” Richard Hirst there with a phrase that is not heard too often. “Fulham mentioned in the context of a Champions League game, although the involvement is only indirect.”

43 mins: Nunez tries to counter, only to be denied by Goldson’s outstretched leg. But at what cost ? Looks like the Rangers defender has pulled a muscle. He cannot continue.

Goldson was injured during a challenge with Darwin Nunez.
Goldson was injured during a challenge with Darwin Nunez. Photo: Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC/Getty Images

42 mins: Sakala burns Tsimikas down the right with ease. He rolls downfield for Arfield, who returns a side goal for the first time. Konaté’s boulder is excellent. The Rangers so close to regaining the lead!

41 minutes: Kent dribbles down the left, shoots and wins a corner. Nothing comes of it, but Rangers end the half strong.

40 mins: Now it’s Carvalho’s turn to dispatch possession, as Lundstram tucks the ball off his toe and sends a pass down the right to Colak, who has Kent free in the middle but can only kick the ball out of play. on the left. Once again, Liverpool’s back line was seriously exposed.

38 mins: Gomez sends a careless cross pass directly to Jack, who is about to step forward onto the Liverpool box when Carvalho comes out of nowhere, stealing the ball away. Carvalho bails his teammate out of trouble there, and it’s not the first time Gomez has played a loose pass tonight.

36 mins: Sakala takes on Tsimikas in the lower right. He is about to go outside when Tsimikas changes the codes and takes him out of the field. Just a free kick – it’s no use – but it should have been a yellow.

34 mins: Liverpool don’t handle the corner particularly well. It’s half clear, but Rangers come back down the right, Lundstram reaching the boundary line and cutting to… no one in blue. Too bad for Rangers, as there was plenty of space in which an attacker could have created havoc. Henderson finally arrives and gets away. Alarming gaps are opening up in the Liverpool defense tonight.

33 mins: A little space down the right for Jack, who whips a long cross towards Kent. Gomez is the only man back and forced to kick the ball in for a corner. Kent to take.

32 mins: Again disjointed.

Disjointed. Photograph: Scott Hepell/AP

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