Draymond Green, Jordan Poole, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins

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Scott: Rumors have been circulating about Draymond Green and the Los Angeles Lakers. Obviously he has a relationship with james lebron. Some members of the Warriors organization I’ve spoken to don’t care. There’s a belief by some around the league that this could be a bargaining tactic to get more money in extension talks with the Warriors, and maybe LeBron is trying to weaken the competition in the West. The Lakers have always been connected to star players like Draymond and Kyrie Irvingin anticipation of next summer’s off-season.

Roofer: He has a player option for the next year after that, around $27 million. What will Green’s market be? That’s the big question. He will be 33 in free agency. Last year he had a pretty scary injury with basically a nerve in his spine causing problems in his calf, and he missed half the season. The Warriors, I think, are in wait-and-see mode. If he tests the market, what kind of deal would he get? Would that be better than anything the Warriors can offer, or that player option, that they have to come back?

Also, the Warriors have these massive tax bill issues coming up where the amount of tax money if they paid everyone. I include a Andrew Wiggins extension cord and a Jordan Poole extension, which I expect sometime soon (in reference to Poole), and if Draymond stays on his big salary. We are talking about a tax bill that exceeds $500 million for an organization that has quite openly stated that it does not want to exceed $400 million. They have already set NBA records in the $370-80 million range.

You would think that one of these contracts has to come off the books. I think maybe if you had taken me back to a year ago, I think it might be Wiggins, but he got involved in deeper plans for their future. Especially with what’s happened this week, you’re starting to look at Draymond’s future and what options he thinks he can have outside of the Warriors. You mentioned one in the Lakers. He now has a long history with Klutch (Sports). rich paul is his agent. The Lakers, with Russell Westbrook coming out of the books, should be able to create enough ceiling space to give him a reasonable deal that he would like. They should be considered a threat in this situation. Of a form of basketball, and Draymond is a basketball addict, Anthony Davis, LeBron and Draymond would have spacing issues. For me, a guy like Kyrie Irving, a guard who could shoot it and fill it, makes more basketball sense. If Draymond is looking for a way to get his next big deal and doesn’t feel like it’s coming from the Warriors – I’m not saying it is at this point – but I think both sides are looking around. them right now because of everything that’s going on. If the Lakers are the only option, maybe that’s something to explore. I think we are far from it.

Scott: I think some people would also speculate and wonder if, because Draymond went to Michigan State, would Detroit have an interest in trying to accelerate the rebuilding curve there? This is all speculative stuff for the bottom of the line. For me, I agree with your assessment of Irving that he would theoretically be a better fit for the Lakers.

As for Draymond and his option for next season, I think he could get more than that maybe with a shorter contract. This is his last chance to get a very big salary. Draymond was an integral part of the core that won them (Golden State) four titles. Where’s the line in the sand over there?


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