Claressa Shields-Savannah Marshall, Mikaela Mayer-Alycia Baumgardner Live Boxing Results & Analysis

Claressa Shields is once again the undisputed world middleweight champion.

Shields beat Savannah Marshall by unanimous decision, 96-94, 97-93, 97-93 at London’s O2 Arena on Saturday night to retain the WBC, IBF and WBA belts and win the WBO belt in a close and intense contest. .

For Shields, it avenges his only loss in a boxing ring – ten years ago as an amateur. Shields edged Marshall, 174-132 and landed more punching percentage, 37-34.

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Shields-Marshall round-by-round analysis:

Round 10: Marshall seemed to land a little more and be a little more aggressive on the final lap. Handle very, very, very close but must give it to Marshall. Marshal 10-9. Shields 96-94.

Round 9: Marshall was more aggressive this round and although she didn’t put Shields in trouble at all, she seemed to handle the round well. Marshal 10-9. Shields 87-84.

Round 8: Shields was the clear aggressor of the round and also landed what looked like the best two punches of the round. Shields 10-9. Shields 78-74.

Round 7: Another close round and although Marshall looked like he threw a lot, it didn’t look like any of those landed clear. Shields, meanwhile, landed bodywork as she finished all fights. Shields 10-9. Shields 68-65.

Round 6: Tight round, but Marshall may have landed the biggest punch of the round. This trick could go either way. But Marshall might have gotten ahead of that round here. Marshal 10-9. Shields 58-56.

Round 5: Marshall had his best 30 seconds of the fight to open the round. Bodywork from Shields helped her bounce back a bit, as did a solid hook at the end of the round, but looked like Marshall’s best round. Marshal 10-9. Shields 49-46.

Round 4: Maybe the closest round so far and Marshall had some good offensive moments, but Shields’ ability to handle it could have given him a tight round. Shields 10-9. Shields 40-36.

Round 3: Shields’ backlash and aggression continue to show. His game plan has been clear and solid so far. Marshall landed a few, but Shields wins the round again – perhaps quite clearly here. Shields 10-9. Shields 30-27.

2nd round: Marshall landed a strong right hand early in the round, appearing to stun Shields for a second. Shields managed the opening seconds well to respond and have a better overall lap. Shields 10-9. Shields 20-18.

Round 1: Great round for the Shields. Smart defense and aggressive attack as well. Marshall had a good end of the round but not enough. Shields 10-9.

Baumgardner edges out Mayer to become unified champion at 130lbs

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Alycia Baumgardner unifies the junior lightweight belts with a split decision win over Mikaela Mayer.

Alycia Baumgardner had been saying for months that she would dominate Mikaela Mayer. Although that didn’t happen, Baumgardner did enough to become the unified junior lightweight champion.

In a fight that could have gone either way after months of trash talk between the two, Baumgardner won on two of the maps, 96-95, with Mayer taking the third map, 97-93, giving Baumgardner the WBC titles, IBF and WBO. .

It started off slow for Mayer, who held the IBF and WBO titles, with Baumgardner (13-1, 7 KOs) clearly taking control in the early rounds of the fight. Mayer settled in round four and bounced back, but nearly every round of the back half of the fight was incredibly close.

“I worked hard to get here,” Baumgardner said on the post-fight show.

It capped off a life-changing 12 months for Baumgardner, who burst onto the high-profile stage by knocking out Terri Harper on November 13, 2021 to win the WBC title. It also started back and forth with Mayer. After a victory over Edith Soledad Matthysse in April, Baumgardner agreed to fight Mayer in May.

And on Saturday, she got into the conversation of the sport’s best fighters.

After the scorecards were announced, Mayer put her hands down and walked away, clearly unhappy with the decision in an incredibly close fight.

Mayer (17-1, 5 KOs) won the middle rounds of the fight, with each of the final rounds being incredibly tough to score.

“I think I landed the cleanest shots,” Baumgardner said. “The hardest blows.”

In one of the most crucial moments of the fight, Baumgardner cut Mayer above the right eye in the seventh round after what looked like three straight rounds of Mayer being the aggressor to get back into the fight.

Baumgardner landed 116 of 335 punches (34.6%) and Mayer 104 of 361 (28.8%). Mayer landed a higher percentage of punches (26.6% to 26%) while throwing 98 more punches than Baumgardner (229 to 131). Mayer landed 61 punches, Baumgardner 34.

Baumgardner, a power puncher, tried more power shots – 40.2% compared to Mayer’s 32.6% – landing 82 of 204 power shots. Mayer landed 43 of 132 power shots. Power punches thrown and landed were career highs for Baumgardner. Mayer’s 43 power shots landed and the eight landed in the sixth round are the most landed against Baumgardner in his career.

After the fight, Baumgardner said she would not be in for an immediate rematch, but would instead seek the undisputed title. WBA champion Hyun-Mi Choi holds the other division belt.

Mayer-Baumgardner round-by-round analysis:

Round 10: Mikaela Mayer still a little stronger in this lap, the last lap. A close round in what has been a close fight, but goes to Mayer, who seemed to connect a bit more and was a bit more aggressive. Maier 10-9. Draw 95-95.

Round 9: Surprise, a tight ride. Mikaela Mayer worked the jab well to set up some stronger punches, enough to win the round. Maier 10-9. Baumgardner 86-85.

Round 8: Another tighter lap, but Baumgardner a bit more aggressive and had more moments of control on the lap. Baumgardner 10-9. Baumgardner 77-75.

Round 7: Alycia Baumgardner with her best round since Round 3, creating a cut over Mikaela Mayer’s eye and landing a lot more punches this round. Baumgardner 10-9. Baumgardner 67-66.

Round 6: A much tighter round but Mikaela Mayer was still the more aggressive fighter who had the strongest round. Maier 10-9. 57-57.

Round 5: Another aggressive round with more shots landed for Mikaela Mayer, who seems to have changed her initial strategy. Smart trick for Mayer. Maier 10-9. Baumgardner 48-47.

Round 4: Mayer was pushing forward for truly the first time in the fight and landed some power punches, enough to win the round. A late right hand sealed it for Mayer. Maier 10-9. Baumgardner 39-38.

Round 3: By far Mayer’s best lap so far, but Baumgardner hit back well. A close round, but another round for Baumgardner. Baumgardner 10-9. Baumgardner 30-27.

2nd round: Baumgardner again landed more and better shots than Mayer, timing what Mayer is trying to do. Baumgardner 10-9, Baumgardner 20-18.

Round 1: Baumgardner was a bit more aggressive this round – a slow one for both fighters – and landed probably the best punch of the round. Baumgardner 10-9.

More results:

Price shines, stops Belik in four rounds

Lauren Price did not knock down Timea Belik. But she kept hitting her with enough consistency for referee Mark Bates to stop the welterweight bout.

In what looked like an early end to the fight, Price (2-0, 1 KO) earned the first stoppage win of his career in the fourth round after a flurry of shots held Belik (6-7, 2 KO) down. moving. rearward.

Price and Belik traded blows throughout the second round, the most back-and-forth action of any televised undercard fight. Price landed a good combination to Belik’s head early in the third round – Price connected often, but Belik wasn’t moving much to be a tough target. By the end of the round, Price had started chasing Belik around the ring, punching her.

Belik has lost three of his last four fights. Price, 28, a middleweight gold medalist at the 2020 Olympics, continues to be one of the hottest prospects in a welterweight division that could use an infusion of talent.

Dubois stops Koleva in Round 5

The end began in the fourth round, when Caroline Dubois landed a right hook that knocked Milena Koleva to the ground.

The real end came a round later, when Dubois landed a body shot to stun Koleva again, then put her halfway, on the ropes, with Dubois landing more shots to Koleva’s head as the Referee Sean McAvoy stepped in to stop the fight and give Dubois the victory in the lightweight bout.

It was constant pressure for Dubois (4-0, 3 KOs) over the final three rounds leading up to the knockout with seven seconds left in the fifth. The 21-year-old sister of heavyweight Daniel Dubois continued her meteoric rise with the dominance of 34-year-old Koleva (10-15-1, 4 KOs), who hasn’t won a fight since 2019 and lost nine. of his last 10 fights.

Most of that, however, came up against high-quality competition, including Katie Taylor and Maiva Hamadouche twice.

This fight, and the way she handled it, meant that Dubois, one of the most intriguing young fighters in the sport, should be ready for a competitive breakthrough in her next bout.

Artingstall dominates Sakharov, remains undefeated

For the last four laps, it was a shoot-off. If we’re being honest, it was an impressive performance from Karriss Artingstall and a great effort from Marina Sakharov to stay put the whole fight.

Artingstall, a featherweight prospect, was excellent overall in his second pro fight, scoring a 60-54 decision against Sakharov, who has now lost 10 fights in a row.

Artingstall (2-0) took control of the fight in the third round, landing a flurry of combinations, and from there the fight never really looked doubtful. By the end of the third, Sakharov (5-17-2, 3 KOs) looked exhausted but continued to hang on throughout the six-round fight.

Sakharov hasn’t won a fight since 2018, when she knocked out Branka Arambasic.


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